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Csv Import

1. Leave default options or Select "Advanced options"

2. To build your csv file, please maximum respect the options default as following :

  • cell delimiter ⇒ ;
  • text delimiter ⇒ “ (useful only if a semi-colon (;) is present into a cell, usually present for the numerical values, in any case you can leave this double quote)
  • Inapplicable state ⇒ As dependencies cannot be applied with a CSV format, inapplicable states cannot be recognized. So you have to understand that an inapplicable states will be see like a not described value. In other words put a not descrided value or an inapplicable states value will come back to the same.
  • no cells should be empty

Categoricals values

  • Separator between several states ⇒ & (eg: blue & green)
  • Categorical states should be surrounded by a hug, eg : {Dark green}
  • Unknown state ⇒ ? (Never leave an empty cell)
  • Not described state ⇒ not described
  • Inapplicable state : not applicable

Quantitatives values

  • all values are formed by [min;max] separate by semi-colon
  • the min value is less than or equal to the max value
  • min and max values are integer or decimal, eg: [1;8], [2.46;3], [0.791;6.24]
  • Into your CSV file the quantitatives values must be enclosed in double quote, eg: ”[1;8]“
  • Unknown state ⇒ [?;?] (Never leave an empty cell)
  • Not described state ⇒ [;]
  • Inapplicable state : [not applicable]

Here you have a sample csv file that you can download and test ⇒ download CVS

;"Body colour";"Dorsal lines/stripes";"Lateral lines/stripes";"Pinacula";"Spiracles";"Anal plate";"Head";"Length"
"Agonopterix purpurea";"{Green (yellowish)}";"{Dark green}";"?";"not applicable";"?";"{Concolorous}";"{Black}";"[not applicable]"
"Agonopteri subpropinquella";"{Dull/greyish green}";"{Slightly darker}";"?";"{Black}";"{Pink}";"not applicable";"{Black}";"[2;3]"
"Agonopteri propinquella";"{Apple green}";"not described";"{White}";"{Dark grey}";"{Black}";"{Green}";"{Black}";"[?;?]"
"Agonopteri heracliana";"{Green (yellowish)}";"{Darker green}";"{White}";"{Black}";"{Pink}";"{Concolorous}&{dots}";"{Green (yellowish)}";"[;]"

How to save your CSV file

Nous suggérons l'utilisation de OpenOffice ou Libreoffice pour construire le fichiers CSV, mais cela devrait être possible avec la Suite Microsoft.

  • Save your file as csv
  • Select “Edit filter settings” as bellow.

  • Select the parameters as below. The UTF8 character set is recommended particularly in the case of accented characters such as French or Spanish

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